Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the first post. Zia and I are pretty(,) busy people, so we won't be like making posts every day or anything like that.
But since this is the first post, and we are a little bit narcissistic, here are some photos of us, and my boyfriend, Ben. And hey, maybe this could also work as a progressive series of photos of us to see how we "mature" in our tastes. Or not. K, thanks.


"This is Zia. She's really cute. I think that she's always the best dressed. Here she is wearing some suspenders. She NEVER wears shoes. Also, all of her clothes she's wearing right here has probably had 2 or 3 previous owners."

" Hi. I am Joyce. I like wearing dresses and skirts. I like to make some of my clothes, but for the most part, my winter wardrobe consists of american apparel, long underwear, and Japanese shoes. Also, I'm not just saying this because it's a photo of me, but this is the most horrendous photo of me. Not showered, days?"

"BenJamin, 20. Likes button ups, sweater vests, and me. Also likes almond cookies, strawberry sunny delight, and the color blue. Fashion inspired by bad-ass figures and Elvis Presley."