Monday, February 18, 2008


"Robby, 20
I mostly wear cheaper 2nd hand things that are comfortable. Let's say, 'Goodwill Chic'? I like plaids and flannel. They keep me warm."

" Jim, 47

I like what feels good to me. I buy things based on how people see me, but not exactly trendy or anything. I always have ink all over my clothes [because I'm a print maker] It's nice to have something to dress up for. I often times think what looks good on me is because a female told me so."

"Ben, 20

Repeat offender."

"Nastassja, 20

I usually just pick up different things from different trends, even if it's gaudy. I didn't put much thought in this. I just wear what I like."

"Betsy, 61

I wear things I've had for twenty or more years. Things that I love are the things my mother had made. A former grad student made me this scarf after she graduated. I wear clothes that are actually older than I am."

" Adam, 20

What inspires my clothing choice? Mostly the functionality. I wear vests because they're easy to wear but are warm. I like jeans that can get dirty. I never wear baggy clothes. I like utilitarian. I guess I just like things that work (as hard as I do).

" Alex, 19

I like comfortable things. I'd like to think that my natural hotness should carry me more than my clothes (joking). Things that are cheap & good are what I look for. I also like what is convenient, usually what is the cleanest."

I don't have school tomorrow. And there are mucho parties tonight. And also, some photos aren't loading correctly. So expect an update, tomorrow!