Monday, February 25, 2008

As February muddies into March

Christine, 21 [but 60 @ heart]
You know how many pairs of tights I'm wearing right now? Four. I get my clothes from well-dressed cadavers, and I'm inspired by old folks homes.

Courtney, 19
I made my earrings from Barbie tennis rackets and am wearing a tennis motif cardigan to match. I'm inspired by the Sleater-Kinney lyric "watch me make up my mind instead of my face," which I have printed on a button that my friend gave me.

Hana, 20

I would describe my style as lengthy and comfortable; I find wide-leg pants fashionable. I'm inspired by justice.

Ashley, 19
I'm wearing my bum coat that I got from the Salvation Army. A major source of influence for me is Molly Ringwald, but I don't really dress like her, I just like her a lot. I enjoy combining plaid and stripes.

Jessica, 22
I don't really have a style; I just like red things that match. MTV inspires me. Or Rusty Nelson [my viscom professor], but not with clothing.

It's incredible to still be here after all of the disruptive shifting between a solid and liquid state. Hopefully my boots will hold up and the climate will soon stabilize. I dedicate this post to all of the poor soles lacking weather-appropriate footgear.