Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Elmer,18 Barely Legal

"Justin Timberlake totally inspires me. LoL. I really dig old clothes, the kind of stuff that an old man would wear. My favorite item is probably my pair of Levi double knit navy blue britches."


" This coat is from (the late) Famous Barr. I'm wearing a dress underneath from London and my scarf is from Italy. I like 'world' clothes. I basically buy most of my clothes whenever I just see it. I like vintage."

Robin, 22

" I have a closet full of clothes I never wear & I throw things out all the time. I'm wearing these shoes from Payless, this dress is thrifted, & these tights are from Walmart. I stole this shirt from JcPenny."

Katharyn, 20

" I get most of everything I wear from thrift stores or clearance from Gap or Express. I never buy things at their original price. This vest is thrifted. I have lots of solid black, greys & colors, and I put them together however I feel like. I have lots of really bright shoes. I'm inspired by whatever I have in my closet that works that I've never put together before."

Karianne, 19

" I love dressing up. It makes me feel good & put together. I always go for comfort. I like yellows & reds. When I shop, I try to find trends with a twist. Not exactly what everyone else is wearing. I love skinny jeans and tights. I pretty much put on what's on the top of my pile of clothes on the floor."

Chris, 22

" My jeans are from Top Shop. This sweater is from Express. Hot Chip inspires me, most notably the lead singer. & also Gay culture."

-J & Z