Monday, February 25, 2008

As February muddies into March

Christine, 21 [but 60 @ heart]
You know how many pairs of tights I'm wearing right now? Four. I get my clothes from well-dressed cadavers, and I'm inspired by old folks homes.

Courtney, 19
I made my earrings from Barbie tennis rackets and am wearing a tennis motif cardigan to match. I'm inspired by the Sleater-Kinney lyric "watch me make up my mind instead of my face," which I have printed on a button that my friend gave me.

Hana, 20

I would describe my style as lengthy and comfortable; I find wide-leg pants fashionable. I'm inspired by justice.

Ashley, 19
I'm wearing my bum coat that I got from the Salvation Army. A major source of influence for me is Molly Ringwald, but I don't really dress like her, I just like her a lot. I enjoy combining plaid and stripes.

Jessica, 22
I don't really have a style; I just like red things that match. MTV inspires me. Or Rusty Nelson [my viscom professor], but not with clothing.

It's incredible to still be here after all of the disruptive shifting between a solid and liquid state. Hopefully my boots will hold up and the climate will soon stabilize. I dedicate this post to all of the poor soles lacking weather-appropriate footgear.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Elmer,18 Barely Legal

"Justin Timberlake totally inspires me. LoL. I really dig old clothes, the kind of stuff that an old man would wear. My favorite item is probably my pair of Levi double knit navy blue britches."


" This coat is from (the late) Famous Barr. I'm wearing a dress underneath from London and my scarf is from Italy. I like 'world' clothes. I basically buy most of my clothes whenever I just see it. I like vintage."

Robin, 22

" I have a closet full of clothes I never wear & I throw things out all the time. I'm wearing these shoes from Payless, this dress is thrifted, & these tights are from Walmart. I stole this shirt from JcPenny."

Katharyn, 20

" I get most of everything I wear from thrift stores or clearance from Gap or Express. I never buy things at their original price. This vest is thrifted. I have lots of solid black, greys & colors, and I put them together however I feel like. I have lots of really bright shoes. I'm inspired by whatever I have in my closet that works that I've never put together before."

Karianne, 19

" I love dressing up. It makes me feel good & put together. I always go for comfort. I like yellows & reds. When I shop, I try to find trends with a twist. Not exactly what everyone else is wearing. I love skinny jeans and tights. I pretty much put on what's on the top of my pile of clothes on the floor."

Chris, 22

" My jeans are from Top Shop. This sweater is from Express. Hot Chip inspires me, most notably the lead singer. & also Gay culture."

-J & Z

Monday, February 18, 2008


"Robby, 20
I mostly wear cheaper 2nd hand things that are comfortable. Let's say, 'Goodwill Chic'? I like plaids and flannel. They keep me warm."

" Jim, 47

I like what feels good to me. I buy things based on how people see me, but not exactly trendy or anything. I always have ink all over my clothes [because I'm a print maker] It's nice to have something to dress up for. I often times think what looks good on me is because a female told me so."

"Ben, 20

Repeat offender."

"Nastassja, 20

I usually just pick up different things from different trends, even if it's gaudy. I didn't put much thought in this. I just wear what I like."

"Betsy, 61

I wear things I've had for twenty or more years. Things that I love are the things my mother had made. A former grad student made me this scarf after she graduated. I wear clothes that are actually older than I am."

" Adam, 20

What inspires my clothing choice? Mostly the functionality. I wear vests because they're easy to wear but are warm. I like jeans that can get dirty. I never wear baggy clothes. I like utilitarian. I guess I just like things that work (as hard as I do).

" Alex, 19

I like comfortable things. I'd like to think that my natural hotness should carry me more than my clothes (joking). Things that are cheap & good are what I look for. I also like what is convenient, usually what is the cleanest."

I don't have school tomorrow. And there are mucho parties tonight. And also, some photos aren't loading correctly. So expect an update, tomorrow!


Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the first post. Zia and I are pretty(,) busy people, so we won't be like making posts every day or anything like that.
But since this is the first post, and we are a little bit narcissistic, here are some photos of us, and my boyfriend, Ben. And hey, maybe this could also work as a progressive series of photos of us to see how we "mature" in our tastes. Or not. K, thanks.


"This is Zia. She's really cute. I think that she's always the best dressed. Here she is wearing some suspenders. She NEVER wears shoes. Also, all of her clothes she's wearing right here has probably had 2 or 3 previous owners."

" Hi. I am Joyce. I like wearing dresses and skirts. I like to make some of my clothes, but for the most part, my winter wardrobe consists of american apparel, long underwear, and Japanese shoes. Also, I'm not just saying this because it's a photo of me, but this is the most horrendous photo of me. Not showered, days?"

"BenJamin, 20. Likes button ups, sweater vests, and me. Also likes almond cookies, strawberry sunny delight, and the color blue. Fashion inspired by bad-ass figures and Elvis Presley."